C’est La Vida is a new Fashion and Lifestyle blog created by Eliza Lavida and Ioannis Panouris. The duo has initiated numerous entrepreneurial projects, one of which was awarded in 2015 the third prize of “the Entrepreneurial Idea of the Year”. This blog aims to inspire every day fashionistas and remind them that streets are the real runways. We believe that style is timeless and it exceeds fashion; that’s the reason Eliza loves to paraphrase a quote by Coco Chanel: “I don’t do fashion, I do style”.



Eliza Lavida is an entrepreneur and digital marketer. She is a fashion enthusiast since she can remember herself and “C’ est La Vida” is for her the place where she can express her stylistic opinion. She loves to travel, so traveling all around the globe is on top of her list. This blog will follow her on her trips and through her every day life, share with you her outfits, ideas and delicious desserts! And, believe us, the life of an entrepreneur is a really exciting and challenging one.