I could give up shopping, but I’m not a quitter!

Sunny days like that, everyone can’t wait to leave the office and head to the beach(- can’t blame them about that!). But there are also the other kind of people, like my self, that even in the hotter days, all they can think of is a walk for shopping! So I called my bestie, grabbed my bag and headed to the shops!

Going for shopping is a ritual for every fashionista. You can wear a totally casual outfit, like your favorite jeans with your white t-shirt and your sneakers (-and most of the times when I go for shopping, I adopt this look), or sometimes you feel the need to wear something more unique and chic. So, I wore a pink lace top from our all time favorite ZARA, which I paired it with a floral skirt. But then I realized that I was missing a more eccentric touch to this classy look. The solution to my outfit “drama” (lol) came from those amazing metallic heels (cause let’s face it, a shoe in need is a shoe indeed!). And, finally, I could grab my Louis Vuitton purse and I was ready to go!

View my outfit details here: top, skirt, shoes, handbag, hat











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