Kept calm and visited Barcelona

About a month and a half ago I visited one of the most beautiful European cities: Barcelona! It was something unexpected – I usually go on a trip abroad during the summer months or the Christmas period, but that was a trip arranged by my friends, so I had to follow. At first I was a little skeptical about the season, about leaving my work behind etc – I know, I do that overthinking that ruins all the magic all the time, but the moment I arrived in that amazing city, everything fell back into place!

So, here are some highlights of my trip:

One of the most exciting things of my trip was actually the fact that I was there on April 23rd, which was a holiday for Barcelona. The holiday was about Saint George, so according to the tradition, every year on April 23rd every man should offer a flower to his girl and every girl should buy him a book. Therefore the city was full of roses and book sellers, especially in the beautiful Rambla Street. So, as a writer and flower lover, what else could I ask for?


At Catalunya Square in April 23rd, totally in the holiday spirit!

In front of the outstanding Casa Batlo Gaudi


One other thing that stole my heart in this city was the beautiful Park Guell. It was built by Gaudi, the world known Spanish architect. His colorful architecture was seriously to die for! But since one picture is worth a thousand words (or, luckily, in our case many pictures), scroll down a little bit and see for yourself!


If you are asking about the remarkable Sagrada Familia, of course I visited it. Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof!


And after a long sightseeing day, what would be more appropriate than a fine dinner? So, we returned back to the city’s center to find a nice restaurant and taste some Spanish flavors. And here comes the yum stuff: Paella! I tasted the traditional spanish dish, but with chicken, instead of seafood. It was simply delicious! And that’s something that, unfortunately, a photo cannot represent… Sorry my folks!


As for the city’s streets, the squares, the palms, everything was just fabulous! I could just get lost in the Old City, reach the beach and then go back by the Rambla Street to end up in Passeig de Gracia for some shopping (Guilty!)


And for the flamingo fans, I felt the need to share with you my favorite photo from my visit in Barcelona’s zoo (you can thank me later!):

So, to sum up, this was a trip to remember and I am just so happy to share my favorite memories with you! Right now reality is calling and unfortunately my passport is back in my drawer and it will be there for a while -pfff. But there’s only one thing I can guarantee… Stay tuned, more is yet to come! (and by more, I mean… ice cream!)






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