Mykonos: A sweet escape from the reality


When one of your best friends owns a sailing boat, unexpected suggestions for sailing weekends away are a common thing. And most of the times you take a disappointed deep breath, a tear may flow down your cheek –ok, too much dramatic tension here! and your answer is the obvious reasonable NO (because you are an entrepreneur and for us weekends are working days too most of the times)! But, there are also those spontaneous moments that you decide not to hear you workaholic brain and just follow your adventurous sea lover heart… In those cases, you answer as quickly as possible YES!

And this time I decided to say yes to Mykonos! So, we started our sailing adventure late in the afternoon, in order to arrive to Mykonos the following morning. One of the most memorable moments of my trip was the sunrise view from the boat. It was absolutely magical! The only thing you could see was the sky and the sea with those beautiful colors…


And finally we arrived in Mykonos. The temperature, unfortunately, was not high enough to go swimming at the amazing Myconian beaches, but we didn’t mind. After all, we were at Mykonos! So, we left the boat and went for a walk at the island’s cobbled streets.

Breathtaking landscapes, Cycladic architecture, picturesque white churches and of course the Myconian mills.

The next day we decided to visit Paradise beach, even though we knew that we wouldn’t swim. But it was totally worth it! We relaxed in a huge bed-like deck chair and we enjoyed delicious cocktails, while listening to all the summer music hits.

When our time to leave came, I wanted so badly to be left back. I was like: Please, forget me here! But, of course my friends were not so big-hearted. Damn you, guys! So, as I am writing these lines I am back to the reality, sitting in front of my mac and drinking a glass of wine –not even close to the delicious Myconian cocktails, but I have to compromise… Just kidding about the compromise! You see, the important thing is to love your reality and thanks God I wouldn’t change mine for anything in the world! So stay tuned my friends! Even more is yet to come! xxx


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